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Video By: Jacqueline Lewis
Location: Denver

Closet Factory Review – Harms

Dave Harms was recommended to Closet Factory through his builder and visited the showroom in Centennial, CO to get a better feel for what we do. There he met designer Jacqueline Lewis who took them through the entire design and installation process. Now he and his wife have separate, organized closet- his key to a successful marriage.


“My name is Dave Harms from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and we’re very impressed with the experience we had with Closet Factory.

We were actually recommended to stop by the showroom by our builder. We were building a house right on the golf course and so he told us: Stop by the showroom.

And we were so fortunate to be introduced to Jacqueline as we came in. Very professional. Very courteous.

And the selection and the different ideas that were available in that showroom were just very impressive.

And I think the thing that really made the mark was once she came down to our house, we had a personal consultation with my wife and I, and she took the measurements of the rooms and just kind of listened to us and kind of what we were looking for in our closets.

And with her experience and her professionalism, she drew out an incredible program for us that was in 3D so you could kind of see what it’s gonna look like before it even happened.

And so the other thing that was impressive is that she; you know, building a house, as you can imagine, not every one of the contractors actually hit their target times. And they did.

I mean, when they said they were gonna be there, they were there. When they said they were gonna complete, they did.

And so we were very pleased with that. There’s a lot of decisions to be made in building a house, and not having to think about that one was just fantastic.

And we were so impressed with the quality of the workmanship, once it was placed in there, everything came out just the way she had kind of drawn it out and how it was supposed to be.

And so the thing that we like most about our closets, specifically, is that my wife has her own closet. I definitely think that’s a key to a successful marriage is having separate closets.

But we’re very impressed and we definitely have no problem recommending the Closet Factory to anyone who are looking for what they do.”

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