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Video By: Diane Williams
Location: Richmond

Closet Factory Review – Diane


“Hi. It’s Diane. I am standing here in my new Closet Factory Closet. I’ve been telling you guys about it but I wanted to show it to you because it’s so amazing.

A few months ago, I had Closet Factory come out and organize Mark and I’s closet.

All we had before was a shelf around the top and one rod that ran all the way around. So, all of our clothes were in this closet, in a second closet, in the closets in the boys’ rooms. They were everywhere.

Now that Closet Factory has come in, we are so organized that everything fits in this one closet.

We have double hanging sections for shirts. We’ve got cubbies for sweaters. We have long hanging sections for pants or dresses.

And we were able to build in a dresser for Mark and get rid of the dresser in our bedroom that he’d had since he was three.

So, this one’s Mark’s side, and some shoes down at the bottom.

On my side, I have cubbies, long hanging for pants and dresses, short hanging for all of my blouses and shirts.

I have these amazing pull-out racks for; I’ve got jewelry; here’s my belts.

There’s also this amazing valet rod that pulls out that is perfect for hanging your dry cleaning on, the clothes you’re gonna wear the next day. Those are really, really convenient.

I also have great baskets that hold all of my paint clothes so they are no longer in piles all over the floor.

And one of the best things are the laundry hampers. There’s light and dark. All you do is pull it down, the liners come out, they have handles on them, you take it right down to the laundry.

So, here’s my new closet, and I’ve been so excited about it and so have enjoyed having a clean closet all the time that I have started designing closets for Closet Factory, too.

So, if any of you would like your closets to look like this, just call me. We do free consultations. Bye!

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