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Video By: Susan Smith
Location: Portland

Closet Factory Review – Bob and Barb

Creating a beautiful mantle with surrounding display shelves, and a multipurpose guest room and office for a woodworker looking downsize in Portland OR.


Susan Smith: I’m Susan Smith, a designer with Closet Factory and Wall Beds of Oregon in Portland, Oregon.

And we have worked with Bob and Barb Ivy in their projects that they wanted to enhance their new home with some specifics.

We did a fireplace surround here on either side, and we’ll travel in to take a look at a wall bed and an office project that we engineered for them and then brought our wonderful team of engineers and shop crew and installers to the task to complete the job.

Bob Ivy: Well, we’ve been very pleased with it. It really has enhanced our enjoyment and use of the place.

I’m a woodworker as a hobby, and so the quality of the work and the design were very important to us and we have been pleased and shared it with a lot of people who’ve also enjoyed it. It’s very nice.

Susan Smith: So, this is the multi-purpose room, where we have a desk in one corner over here and this is a wall bed; a wall bed, folks, for guests, with a drop-down table face.

So, when we’re ready to bring the bed down, we’re gonna lift this table face up, latch it securely, and then we’ll bring the bed down.

Bob Ivy: We’ve had a number of people that have used the bed. It’s a queen-sized bed. And it’s a very good bed. It’s simply. . . And then all there is is just pull it down like this. It’s counterbalanced, so you’re looking at it.

 Susan Smith: Grab the foot. That’s important to do.

 Bob Ivy: Yes, it’s down.

Susan Smith: It’s level.

 Bob Ivy: And there you have a very nice bed that even has some lighting up overhead.

 Susan Smith: There’s enough room in this cavity for the mattress, the wrap-up foot, and the bedding. So, we can just leave it as-is.

Then it will return to the “up” position.

 Bob Ivy: This kind of holds it all together.

 Susan Smith: Yeah, that foot needs to be flipped up, of course.

 Bob Ivy: And here it is. Just that simple.

And this is really a very, very useful feature, and we have enjoyed that; use it all the time. Two people can sit here. You can play cards there. Play a game.

It’s really important to us because we came from a larger house and we needed to have the space and the utility to do things. So, by taking this really; call it a second bedroom, we made it into a general purpose room for us.

We found that we could consolidate with the help of Susan and the Closet Factory, and it’s really worked very well for us. We’re happy with it.”

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