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Video By: Candice Alsbach-Kentch
Location: St. Louis Metro

Closet Factory Review – Aiden

Testimonial From Designer Candice Alsbach-Kentch St. Louis, MO


(Text on screen): Closet Factory Testimonial starring Aiden . . . the proud owner of an organized playroom!

Woman: Hi. What’s your name?

Aiden: Aiden.

Woman: Hi, Aiden. Where are we at today?

Aiden: In my playroom.

Woman: Well, great. Tell me, what do you really like about your playroom?

Aiden: It keeps my stuff organized.

Woman: Well, great. Well, can you show me some of your toys behind the cabinet door.

Wow! You’re right. It does keep your things organized. Tell me, what do you have back behind that door?

Aiden: My airplanes, my train, my kitties, my frogs.

Woman: Do you and your sister like to come down here and play a lot?

Aiden: Yeah.

Woman: You sure have a lot of books and dinosaurs, don’t you?

Aiden: Yeah.

Woman: Well, Aiden, what is the best company in the entire world that builds cabinets like these?

Aiden: Closet Factory!

Woman: Great. Bye.

Aiden: Bye. Bye.

(Text on screen): Hurry Moms! It is time to get your children’s “stuff” off the floor and onto custom shelving by . . . Closet Factory

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