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Closet Factory Reviews

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Video By: Deb Anastos Senior Designer
Location: Boston

Closet Factory Review – Ann Marrie – Victorian Home


“So, welcome to Part B of my life. Enter my husband, and where am I gonna put him in this big, old Victorian house?

Picture over here I had hanging racks. Surprise, surprise: More shoes stacked on this radiator. Underneath this staircase over here more shoeboxes.

Deb from the Closet Factory walked in and she did her magic and she was amazing. She made use of every inch of space in this sagging Victorian house that had one closet in it before Deb showed up.

Where I had shoeboxes stacked, she made me this closet that I can put all my scarves and handbags and accessories in.

You’re wondering where I put my husband? He lives out here in the closet. Deb was so kind as to even give him a place for his belts, and a place in this closet for his ties and his suits and his shirts.

This space under the stairway here where I had even more shoes lined up; it was gonna be dead space. Deb looked at it and said, “We’re gonna make this door right here all for more of his shirts.”

And then she felt sorry for me. This little door right here: my out-of-season boots.

So, you’re wondering: Where did all the shoes go? This is the best part of this whole project. Deb should be made a saint.

Back here, this is a double closet that any woman would kill for. It holds 124 pairs of shoes in the boxes. You’ll be happy to note, the bottom two rows are for my husband, though I confess those are my sneakers. Don’t tell him.

So, this is the beautiful solution that Deb and Dave the installer put together for me. I couldn’t be happier. I can’t tell you enough about how great they were and how meticulous.

Welcome to your house and I hope you enjoy your closets as much as I love mine.”

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