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7 Display Ideas for the Home Entertainment Centers

A custom home entertainment center brings organization to your media and is the center of attention in a room. Look at it as a key piece of furniture that when accessorized just right adds so much more to the picture.

crystal grouping

Here are some easy ideas to help you decorate your home entertainment center shelves:

1. Books

They say “never judge a book by its cover” but in this case you absolutely should. Hardcover books make beautiful displays, either upright or stacked as a platform for accessories such as photos and vases. Select your favorite books, books that have a special meaning, titles that are conversation starters or based on the style and color of the cover. Use decorative bookends when displaying books vertically and leave a bit of empty space here and there.

2. Photos

Surround yourself with loved ones. Family photos are a great addition to an entertainment center as long as they accent and don’t overpower it. Avoid the urge to fill every shelf with lots of random photos and pay attention to attractive framing. Use them sparingly and pair them with other accessories.

3. Lights

Lighting is an excellent way to highlight glass shelves or decorative items that are reflective in nature. Some entertainment centers come with built-in lighting. If yours doesn’t have lights, consider adding decorative lamps or a string of battery-operated lights.

4. Mirrors

Attach mirrors to the back walls of shelving to create a sense of depth. The reflections created will also beautifully showcase decorative items you place in front of mirrors—this works especially well when combined with lighting.

5. Foliage

Plants and floral arrangements can add a pop of color and life to a room. Avoid using live plants on an entertainment center as watering may cause damage the shelves or media. Use silk or dried arrangements instead, considering different display methods such as vases, garlands and pots.

6. Candles

These days candles come in so many shapes, colors, and scents that they work well in display areas grouped with other candles or personal items.  Some look great enclosed in glass while others look best sitting in some sort of elegant candle holder.

7. Crystals

Natural, organic, or crystal figurines all add beauty to shelving sections. These look even better when combined with lighting so they reflect the colors within the crystals. You can get creative and create a display area using a decorative bowl or found object and place polished or natural crystals in it.

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