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Create Bench Seat Cushions Without a Stitch

Benches are great to have in a mudroom. Flip-top benches provide additional storage or you can just have a small place to put on and remove shoes. No matter what, though, it’ll be used frequently so give it lots of comfort and style with an attractive seat cushion.

Making your own bench cushion lets you really customize your mudroom’s décor. You get to choose from a variety of fabrics and find something that perfectly aligns with the color scheme or theme of your home décor. By making your own, you’ll also save yourself the headache of trying to find a cushion that fits the unique size and shape of your bench.

bench cushions in bright colors

If you’re a crafty person but the thought of sewing makes you break out in hives, fear not. We have no-sew bench cushion ideas to share that’ll have you sitting pretty in no time.




Serrated knife

Hot glue gun

Plywood (optional)

Staple gun (optional)

Step 1: Measure

Measure your mudroom bench to figure out how much foam and fabric you’ll need.

Step 2: Shape Your Cushion

Ordinary foam works great for a quick mudroom bench seat. You can find foam at a crafts store or at large discount retailers in their crafting section. Foam comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Make sure you purchase enough foam to cover the length of your bench. You can use a knife or razor to trim your foam to size.

Even if you have a long bench it should be easy to find foam sold by the yard. If you can’t, buy smaller pieces and glue them to a single piece of pre-cut plywood before covering with fabric. You can also cover two or three pieces of foam to place side by side.

Step 3: Choose Your Fabric

There are no rules when it comes to picking a fabric for your seat. You could aim for fun and bright or go for calm and cohesive. Make sure you have enough fabric to completely cover your foam.

Iron the fabric.

Step 4: Cover the Foam

Lay the fabric right side down on a large flat surface and place your piece of foam in the middle. Wrap the foam just like you would wrap a present, using hot glue instead of tape.

When you get to areas where the edges of the fabric will be visible, fold them over to give them a more finished look before gluing them down.

If you’ve used multiple pieces of foam secured to plywood, staple the fabric tightly and securely to the bottom of the wood.

Step 5: Install the Seat

Place your finished cushion on your mudroom bench. Accent your cushion with a few throw pillows and enjoy!

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