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Add pretty accents to your mudroom with handmade bench pillows…

Arranging decorative pillows on the well-used bench in your mudroom is a quick and easy way to add cozy appeal. Homemade pillows open a world of color and pattern since you get to choose from a seemingly endless array of fabric and trims. They are a great way to express your personal creativity while adding a decorative spark to this busy space.
Follow these simple steps to make your own custom decorative pillows for your mudroom.

Step 1
Choose a fabric—or two complementary fabrics for a reversible pillow.

Step 2
Decide the size and shape of your pillow.

Step 3
Cut two pieces of fabric the size and shape you’d like your pillow to be.

Step 4
Place the fabric one on top of the other, right sides together (it should look as if your pillow is inside out).

Step 5
Using stitches that are very close together sew around the edge of the fabric, at least ½” from the edge. Continue sewing until you reach the final side, then leave a 4-6” strip unsewn, so that you can stuff it.

Step 6
Turn the sewn fabric so that the right sides are out. Iron the fabric to get rid of wrinkles and to create crisp edges. (Turn in the fabric on the open strip and iron that, too.)

Step 7
Stuff the pillow with polyester fiberfill stuffing. Polyester fiberfill can be found at nearly any craft store. Keep stuffing your pillow cover evenly, making sure to fill the corners, until it’s plump and nicely filled out. An under stuffed pillow will quickly fall flat; an overstuffed pillow is uncomfortable and might burst its seams.

Step 8
Hand stitch the open seam. Fold fabric inward on its pressed edge to match the rest of the seam and pin. Choose a thread that closely matches the color of your pillow and sew the final seam, using a blind hem stitch.

Step 9
Consider adding additional decorative items to your pillow. You could sew on buttons, cutout fabric appliques, ribbons, or wrap a stylish scarf around it.

Step 10
Place the pillow on your mudroom bench. Large square pillows may fit best on the corners of benches. Rectangular or circular pillows look great centered.

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