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Purge Your Closet with These Easy Tips

ashley cleaning out clothing

People often end up with an overwhelming mess in their closet simply because the prospect of purging brings on a panic attack. This is a complicated reaction based partly on an unusually high emotional connection to “stuff” and partly on difficulty in making decisions.

Here are three simple tips that may help you combat the anxiety that arises when you decide to clean out your closet.

1. Make a Wish List

Start creating a wish list as you toss things out. For every item you decide to donate or throw away, write down something you’d like to replace it with. It’s a little easier to let go of something (like that 1990s-era ski outfit) if you promise yourself that you can always buy something better (like those great-looking yoga pants for your newfound passion).

2. Choose a Cause

Instead of just getting a box and writing “donate” on it, choose a specific charity or shelter that you plan to work with. You’ll feel much better about giving items away if you know they are going to one of your favorite organizations.

If you have a hard time thinking of a local charity or cause to support, there are numerous websites that provide non-profit directories, including:

3. Visualization

Take frequent moments to visualize the order and peace of mind you’ll get when you’re done cleaning out your closet. Don’t torture yourself by calculating the monetary value of items you’re donating or throwing away. Instead, stay focused on the fact that eliminating the stressful weight of clutter and disorder is much more valuable than the price tags of items you don’t need anymore.

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