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 Ready for Your Move?

packing for move

Moving into your new home is an exciting time. Most people would agree though that packing your clothes is the opposite of exciting. It takes a lot of time and energy to make sure your belongings make the move to your new home. To aid in that process, we have compiled eight clothes packing tips that will make your next move easier.  

Tip 1: Purge your wardrobe

Before you even start to pack, get rid of the items you don’t need. Packing clothes that you are going to get rid of anyway shouldn’t be taking up space for the clothes that will survive the move. For the clothes that you are planning to get rid of, consider donating them to charity.  

stack of sweatshirts

Tip 2: Pack by category

Packing your clothes by category is going to make the unpacking process much smoother. The most commonly used categories are purpose, season, style, and size. Pick the category that allows you to get everything unpacked the quickest.  

Tip 3: Utilize your dresser

If you can, leave whatever is in the dresser alone. If you can’t, take each drawer out of the dresser and wrap them up tightly with plastic wrap. This allows you to keep whatever is packed in the drawers ready to go and it reduces the number of boxes you will need. 

wardrobe box with clothes

Tip 4: Buy wardrobe boxes for hanged clothing

If you don’t want to wrinkle your luxury garments, obtaining wardrobe boxes will allow you to keep them hung with their hangers. Wardrobe boxes aren’t exactly cheap, but they will relieve you of not having to iron your clothes. 

Tip 5: Use smaller boxes

Logic would say that using bigger boxes is a more efficient way to move your clothes as it reduces the number of boxes you will need. While this is true, the weight of your clothes adds up pretty quick. If you stuff a few big boxes full of clothes, it will be much harder for you to carry them and you run the risk of the box tearing apart.  

Tip 6: Set aside clothes that you will wear for the first few days

Rather than digging through your boxes to find clothes you want to wear during the first few days at your new home, select them ahead of time. It is going to take some time to unpack everything so it’s best to have your outfits ready to go.  

Tip 7: Pack out of season clothes ahead of time

Any way you can break up the packing process into manageable chunks is a good thing. If you have out of season clothes that you aren’t going to wear for the foreseeable future, pack them as early as you can to get them out of the way.  

packing clothes in luggage

Tip 8: Take advantage of luggage

You bought luggage to transport your clothes from your home to your vacation destination. Don’t forget about them during the moving process and use them to help transport some of your clothes to your new home. Luggage is especially great to keep jewelry from getting lost.  

While you may not have the most fun in the world utilizing these tips, putting in a little extra effort before you move will make a huge difference in making the moving process as seamless as possible.  

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