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Stanley Selwyn

Los Angeles

I came to America from London England with my very successful clothing line in the mid eighties, and not long after I proudly became an American citizen. I continued in the fashion business for quite a few years until I was ready for a new adventure in my working life. I was attracted to the custom closet business as it incorporated all of the things that I like to do: meet interesting people, design spaces in beautiful houses, and have the satisfaction of happy clients. I discovered I was a natural for this business and have been with Closet Factory for 20 fun years! I am now one of the most successful designers in the company and have an extensive client list of the most prominent contractors, builders, interior designers and architects in Los Angeles. I am at home when designing, whether it’s for a traditional home or a cutting edge modern one. I am designing and installing closets in many multi-unit apartment buildings as well, including the massive Metropolis project in Downtown Los Angeles. My other passion is being a film critic, so I am definitely living and working in the right place!

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