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Pamela Amerson

Fort Lauderdale

Starting my journey at the Closet Factory immediately after college, I planned on pursuing my career in my major field of business. Within my first few years in administration, I not only fell in love with the staff and my supportive management, but the business model and infrastructure of Closet Factory as a whole. I saw value in the product and loved that we can customize any style, plan and budget that allows us to cater to all needs of any client that walks through our doors.

As part of my “growth plan,” I quickly segued into the design field. I was hesitant in the beginning because of my lack of formal education within the design program. This, however, deemed to be no obstacle because of the Academy and training Closet Factory provided. I worked exceptionally hard just to “fit in” and found myself ahead of the class in doing so. This path I have taken, along with my “out of the box” thinking has lead me to find a voice with projects of challenging ingenuity and sleek, modern design. I am constantly inspired by modern architecture and technology.

I love my home at the Closet Factory and I am so proud to have a fingerprint in today’s market!

Pamela Amerson Lookbook image
Pamela Amerson Lookbook image
Pamela Amerson Lookbook image
Pamela Amerson Lookbook image
Pamela Amerson Lookbook image

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