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Neda Parsa

Los Angeles

Having grown up in a family of architects and engineers, I have always loved being creative and innovative. Living in that atmosphere led me to the home decorating industry right after my undergraduate studies. During my three years of exciting experience, I had the pleasure of working with clients from different backgrounds including artists, businessmen, TV stars, and engineers, enhancing my insight to the field of design and remodeling.

To offer more specialized services to my clients, I felt the need and desire to take my expertise to the next level. Therefore I took the time to travel to Germany to continue my studies in a more specialized field of Interior Design at one of the industry leading Universities in Germany. During the five years that I lived and studied, I learned on how to apply modern touch to home design, incorporate technology with taste to deliver more up to date designs to my clients.

Migrating to United States of America has provided me with opportunities to offer my expertise to a wider range of clients. Working at Closet Factory has given me a chance to follow my passion and desire to custom design closets, offices, entertainment centers, laundry rooms, pantries, kids rooms, garages, and etc. This is where I can incorporate knowledge and expertise in to delivering projects that not only brings Joy and Satisfaction to my clients face, but to exceed their expectations.

Neda Parsa Lookbook image
Neda Parsa Lookbook image
Neda Parsa Lookbook image
Neda Parsa Lookbook image
Neda Parsa Lookbook image

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