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Lori Kasten

Fort Lauderdale

I have been a designer for the last thirty years and after all this time I still love what I do! I have always enjoyed art and design. I majored in interior design at Syracuse University and upon graduation, I worked in a popular furniture store that sold readymade and custom furniture.

A friend of mine from a class I had been enrolled in at Parson’s School of Design offered to help me fix my closet. I calculated how many inches of short, long and mid length hanging I had as well as the number of shoes. In my 6 feet by 3 ½ feet deep closet, I created a triple hang, short hanging over mid length, and double-hanging section with a shoe shelf section on the side. Out of the most basic material, my friend executed my design and I increased my space. Who would have ever thought I’d still be doing that for other people and make a living at it this many years later!

Being able to enter people’s homes and provide them with beautiful, functional designs has been extremely rewarding work for me. Meeting new people every day, coming into my office and feeling the excitement of a lively environment, being able to go to new homes and communities, as well as being able to work from home has been and still is perfect for my personality.

The icing on the cake is seeing how happy my clients are once they see the outcome of projects I help bring to life!

Lori Kasten Lookbook image
Lori Kasten Lookbook image
Lori Kasten Lookbook image
Lori Kasten Lookbook image
Lori Kasten Lookbook image
Lori Kasten Lookbook image

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