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Deb Broockerd

Deb Broockerd

Northern Virginia, Parts of Maryland, and Washington D.C.

Senior Closet Designer

My approach to every project starts with a solid organizational plan. Solving each client’s unique challenges begins there. In over 15 years with Closet Factory, I have had the privilege of working on every type of project, from tiny closets to whole house organization. Providing my customers with creative & cost-effective solutions has been my goal from the beginning.

I spend a great deal of time listening to my clients as they discuss the challenges they face in their homes. What they love, what makes them crazy, what their “dream space” would feel like. The fun starts as we collaborate to solve the problems and go beyond. Tailoring the solution to each individual situation – that is what sets Closet Factory apart.

With more than 10 years of experience in retail store design & merchandising, the move to designing custom home storage solutions was a natural fit. Coupled with my “Project Manager” mindset, I strive to deliver top notch customer service to every customer. Working closely with our customer support, production & installation teams means we deliver our best work on every project. Every detail counts, every time.

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