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Naeem Khan’s collections are sold at more than 100 specialty stores across the world and his runway shows are among the most anticipated events of New York fashion week.
His luxurious collection consists of impeccably cut dresses, sophisticated gowns and chic separates – all embroidered by hand. His glittering fan base of starlets and socialites includes First Lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood and Florence Welch.

One on One

Closet Factory: What three words define the style of your designs?
Naeem Khan: “The three words that describe my designs are glamour, glamour, glamour! That’s what I’m known for.”

Closet Factory: Does your past work with Halston still influence your designs today? If so, how?
Naeem Khan: “Halston was my guru and plays a very important role in my design process. To this day he greatly influences my designs. Everything that I know in fashion I learned from Halston and my father.”

Closet Factory: How has your heritage influenced your designs?
Naeem Khan: “India plays a very important role in my life and designs. I come from a country where art and tradition is in everything and my clothes are very much influenced by that.”

Closet Factory: Which moment in your career to date are you most proud of? Why?
Naeem Khan: “The night our First Lady, Michelle Obama, wore my gown to her husband’s administration first State Dinner, in November 2009. That was the most important moment in my career. The world lit up for me that day.”

Closet Factory: Who are your style icons?
Naeem Khan: “I have many style icons but there are only a few who play a really crucical role in my designs: Talitha Getty, Princess Gayatri Devi from India, Mrs. Obama, Diana Vreeland, Liza Minnelli during the time of “Cabaret,” and my wife Ranjana, who is a great influence in my work. Also Halston and Yves Saint Laurent in terms of designers.”

Closet Factory: How was your overall experience working with Closet Factory?
Naeem Khan: “My experience working with the Closet Factory has been amazing. The quality and craftsmanship is unbeatable. I love my closet.”

Closet Factory: What was the inspiration behind first lady Michelle Obama’s handmade gold strapless gown adorned with sterling silver appliques?
Naeem Khan: “The gown for Mrs. Obama was a combination of East meeting West which also showed how influential my time with Halston and artists like Andy Warhol was in my work. The dress was a very simple, classic American shape but I wanted to make the embroideries something very traditional from India. I took the work of hand-cut sterling silver metal sequins from India and combined it with the inspiration of Andy Warhol’s Poppies. So it was the combination of Warhol’s Poppies with traditional Indian work on a classic American shape and it was perfect for her and very well-received.”

Closet Factory: Describe how Closet Factory designed around your unique needs to transform the space.
Naeem Khan: “The Closet Factory worked with me to come up with a system that allows me to best display and organize my archive. They’ve created a beautiful space for actresses and stylists to come view my collections. They’ve made it really easy for us to find pieces and I love the look of the closet. The dark wood they used really allows my clothes to shine.”

Closet Factory: What design elements and features in your new closet do you love most?
Naeem Khan: “I love the way it’s organized and I especially like the hardware. The pull-out rods are incredibly helpful and it’s great that there’s room for shoes and bags as well. The LED lighting in the cabinets and drawers enhance the clothes and make it easier to work in the space.”

Closet Factory: What is the inspiration behind your use of color and embellishments in your collections?
Naeem Khan: “The inspiration in terms of color behind my fall 2012 collection was all about neutrals and black. Because I used many prints and patters, keeping it neutral was important. We used black, shades of brown, and touches of gold. One of the techniques I used this season was to cut felt and re-embroider it back onto the pieces, similar to an old Indian technique where they use ribbon but I modernized it.”


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