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Getting Ready For Your Virtual Design Consultation

Thank you for scheduling your virtual design appointment with Closet Factory! We are excited to work with you on your organizational project. To help you prepare for your design consultation we have created several guides that contain worksheets for your use.

Scroll down to download your How To Measure Your Closet and How To Inventory Like A Pro guides. Additionally, we offer How To Gather Idea Pictures, a download guide to assist you in finding inspirational content to help you identify features and styles you prefer.

Step 1

Prepare for your online design consult by measuring your space.

How To Measure Your Closet

This PDF will guide you through the measurement process so your designer can create an accurate and personalized design for you. After you download your guide watch our video to help you measure your closet.

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Step 2

Personalize the design based on your inventory.

How To Inventory Like A Pro

This PDF contains tips and a worksheet to inventory your wardrobe so the designer can ensure everything fits in your design. After you download the guide watch our video for tips.

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Step 3

Use photos of closets to help you identify what you like and need.

How To Gather Idea Pictures

This PDF directs you to the best sources to find pictures of closets that you love, and relate to for your own space.

Get Inspired
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