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Women Wardrobe Essentials For the Office Environment: Part I

Whether you’re new to the corporate environment or a seasoned professional, projecting a business-like image can provide benefits not available to the casually dressed – things like more opportunities, trust and respect during negotiations, and professional treatment in the workplace.

Building a wardrobe that projects that Corporate Business Woman image can sometimes be a daunting task.  So, to make it simplify things, here’s a few key garments and outfits essential to a success-generating business wardrobe.

The Black Pant: Black, more than any other pant color, says “professional”.  From straight leg, boot cut, and curvy styles the great thing about black pants is that there is a style to flatter all body types.

The Black Skirt: This is especially useful for business and special occasions. Tailored black skirts are great because they can be flattering on most body types.  The current trend is the pencil skirt. Its close fit and just-above-the-knee length is just right for today’s business environment.

The Tailored Dress: A tailored dress looks very chic in a professional office environment and can easily be transitioned from business to happy hour.

The Pant Suit: The pants suit in a classic cut can last you for years and years. The great thing about a pants suit is that you can mix & match the blazer and the pants with other separates in your closet to give you a variety of professional looks.

The Skirt Suit: Fabrics can vary from a classic tweed or wool to a more modern cotton or synthetic blend. Like pant suits, you can mix & match the jacket and the skirt to create new looks with other items in your wardrobe.

The Scarf: This is a wonderful accessory to add an extra dimension to your daily business wardrobe. During fall and winter months, use scarves made of cashmere or wool and use cool cotton or colorful synthetic blends for spring and summer looks.

The Jewelry: For a classic look, consider investing in a few pieces of fine jewelry such as a strand of pearls and matching earring studs.

The Statement Bag: All women love to have a “statement” bag that spruces up any outfit.  Small or mid-size shoulder bags or larger carry all styles that can hold an iPad or laptop computer are a great pick for the corporate businesswoman.

Watch for part 2 of this series, we will cover jackets, outerwear, tops, shoes, and lingerie. Plus, we’ll explain how a closet designer can help you to organize your wardrobe with a custom closet system!  This is especially of value to the corporate businesswoman because all your key items can have a section of their own for quick and easy access!

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