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Women Wardrobe Essentials For the Office Environment: Part II

My previous post discussed the wardrobe essentials that every corporate businesswoman should have in her closet. Not only will having the right items save you time getting prepared for the office in the morning; they will also give you a classic look that doesn’t go out of style.

To further expand on what basics to stock your closet with I’ve included jackets and tops.

The Jackets

  • Blazers: One of my favorite parts of my wardrobe is my collection of blazers.  The right style can be very flattering. Every business wardrobe will benefit with the addition of a black blazer and if you stick to classic cuts they never go out of style.
  • Seasonal Coats: Always an essential to have a nice pea coat or rain coat for your wardrobe. Depending on your winter climate you may wan to go with a heavy wool coat or even a tailored down jacket.

The Tops

  • Fitted T-shirts: I suggest that you should have at least 5 different colors because fitted T-shirts are versatile. They can be dressed up with a blazer or down with a pair of nice jeans for after work. Grey, white and black look flattering on most everyone. Select a couple colors that look good with you skin tone.  You can also vary the style by selecting different necklines such as a scoop or a v-neckline.
  • Black Tops: You can never have too many black tops because of their versatility. I have several with interesting necklines. Square cut or sweetheart can add a little fun to your basics. Black camisoles and even tanks are perfect for layering and can also be worn under a blazer for work.
  • Fitted Shirts & Blouses: The basic white button down fitted shirt or blouse can be found in a style that works for your body type and come in various arm, neck, and silhouettes.  A classic white button down top or blouse is a timeless piece. Best to have a couple in your collection that can simplify yet add style to any look you are going for.
  • 3/4-length sleeve top: These are great for those of you that have a workplace with frigid air conditioning running all day. A 3/4-length top is flattering on most everyone and great for layering with a blazer or even a stylish scarf.
  • Cashmere cardigan or twin set: For some people this may be a bit on the conservative side but I love having a cashmere cardigan to put on with more stylish or trendy tops. The great thing about a twin set is you can play with this classic look by adding trendy accessories or bottoms.
  • Flattering sweaters: Depending on the time of year you can have thin or thick sweater looks. From classic to trendy prints sweaters are always a wardrobe staple.

Read our next and final post in this series that expands our discussion into lingerie and shoes to complete your business wardrobe.

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