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Would Winning a Custom Closet Save you Time in the Morning

We here at the Closet Factory Headquarters are excited about our $500 custom closet giveaway contest with Woman’s Day. It has us thinking, would a more organized closet help save us time in the morning?

Nearly every woman in America goes through the morning rush, wake-up, workout, shower, choose your outfit for the day, and get out the front door as fast as possible. Complicating this is the inevitable household disorganization, where is the world is that other shoe? Wearing the right dress, check, but where is the statement necklace to finish off the look? Buried under a pile of scarfs and makeup in the bathroom.

Enter the custom closet, with clothes organized by length, style and color. The skirts are hanging by their sister skirts. The valet rod that genius little invention is primed and tomorrow’s outfit is already hanging there. No more hunting around the house for that missing pump, with slanted shoe shelves your beauties are on display for all to see. Those pieces of jewelry left in the bathroom, the foyer, on nightstand will all be neatly organized in the jewelry drawer in your closet, the one next to the scarf rack where grabbing a scarf and matching it with today’s outfit no longer requires the 10 minute hunting expedition through the dresser drawers to find it.

Tomorrow when the morning rush is upon us, let’s dream about how an organized closet can change our world and today let’s enter to win one. Can’t wait to find out if you’re our contest winner? Call us today for a design appointment.


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