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What Kind of Crafter Are You?

It’s an age-old tale. Two days after the move-in, men go straight for the garage, claiming their territory and displaying their tools and trophies accordingly. Thus, your craftwork is relegated to the kitchen table. And then to the dining room table when it’s time for dinner, except when there are guests and then you take it to your room. Sound confusing? Admit it, this forced mobility is driving you crazy.

Well, you shall be crazy no more. It is time for you to stake out your own territory, whether it is a corner, a repurposed closet, or a full room. Don’t be fooled by the name, Closet Factory doesn’t stop at custom closets. We design custom rooms for your entire home, including for your crafting needs. There are myriad reasons for a custom craft room, but only one real catapult – a lack of space. So tell us, which of these future craft-room dwellers are you, and we can give you some helpful hints regarding the design of your space.


The DIY Queen

Do you stockpile ribbon and voraciously scroll through Pinterest at any opportunity? We know the type. You buy tape in bulk and run a DIY blog, which may or may not interfere with your 9-5. But, we think it’s your lack of organization that is really getting in the way. Luckily we have some suggestions for you.

You will want to start with the craft bench kit, and work from there. It features an array of different sized hooks and shelves on which you can store anything from paintbrushes to wrapping paper. An extended desk or pull out work area adds another surface to wrap, paint, or mold. And the gift-wrap drawer is a must.


The Saturday Market Maven

Perhaps you spend your time beading away in anticipation of your next tent sale. Molding earrings from shells and engraving silver bracelets has been quite the undertaking. Though, without any proper organizational structure, much of your inventory is flying right out the window. Or should we say rolling?

You too can benefit from the extended desk and you can add a paper organizer for all of your sales receipts. Pile containers of supplies on pull out trays or on a slat wall, and you will be ready for business.


The Fashion Designer

A shopaholic to your core and utterly obsessed with Project Runway, you spend many of your days working on your sewing machine while re-watching The Devil Wears Prada. Whether you’re making clothes for yourself, a prom dress for your daughter, or even Halloween costumes for the little ones, your lack of order is consistently bothersome.

Your high-fashion dreams would be much better realized with a designated design place. You can keep track of all your sketches and inspiration with our corkboard cabinet and keep rolls of fabric in the giftwrap drawer. Add a slat wall, to keep scissors and thread, in your craft room and you can call yourself Chanel.

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