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Well-Designed Closet Systems Can Help Improve Your Property’s Value

Closet Systems: Bringing Order to Your Cluttered Bedroom Space

Clothes and other accessories strewn on the floor and on settees can definitely ruin the tranquil mood of a bedroom. Instead of being able to bask in the relaxing atmosphere of your private space, you have to contend with the presence of clutter.

It’s not that you can’t be bothered, however. It’s more of a space problem than a cleaning issue. Don’t stay trapped in a room of clutter; free it up and enjoy the new and fresh atmosphere you can have simply by improving your closet systems.

Expand Your Closet

Having a stand-alone cabinet probably isn’t going to work for you if you simply have too much stuff even if you give half away to charity. A more ergonomic idea is to take out that bulky piece of furniture and instead have a built-in closet incorporated into your wall.

The great thing about this is that you can make use of the entire length of the wall, and floor to ceiling too, without eating up any additional floor space. So now you can have enough space for your shoes at the bottom of the closet, your folded and hung clothes in the middle section, and bags and other accessories at the top shelf.

You can even add hooks at the back of the closet door so you can hang some more items or organizing baskets there. If you don’t want a conventional door, you can use a sliding or an accordion-foldable type one so that you can still use the space in front of the cabinet.

Install Adjustable Container Shelves

The thing with standard fit closet systems is that they are not flexible when it comes to accommodating odd-sized items. Thigh-high boots or extra large totes and duffel bags, for example, usually are stashed outside the closet, or folded and cramped, sacrificing their form just to be able to fit inside.

Adjustable container shelves allow you to customize the configuration inside your closet, giving you ample space for even the ill-fitting items. You can also add or remove containers as you deem fit and depending on your need.

Maximize Organizers

Instead of piling folded items one on top of another, which can take up space too, you can instead bundle up some of the bulkier items like sweatshirts and towels and put them in their own organizer compartment hanging along with your other hung clothes. This should leave the folded section strictly for light, foldable items like shirts made from cotton material.

All of these plans can be better designed and executed with guidance from professionals like those from the Closet Factory. Shape up your bedroom by upgrading your closet.

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