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Turn Your Home into A 1950s Modern Style Paradise


Despite it being 2016, shades of the 1950s can be seen in the modern architectural designs of today.

Homebuyers these days are entering the real estate market looking for homes with a unique mid-century modern twist. Why? More recent homes are the product of our mass-producing society, leaving many of them feeling unoriginal and boring on the inside. As a result, people are trending towards custom-made, uniquely designed interiors.

Given the desire for something unique, homes containing these mid-19th century modern elements are popular to the point that there’s just not enough to go around for everyone.

Lucky for us, we can take our homes and transform them into the 1950s modern paradise we’ve always dreamed of. Here are a few ways you can add or change to do just that.

Real Wood


With most furniture nowadays being made of pressed, engineered wood, it’s time to take action and incorporate real, high-quality wooden furniture reminiscent of the 1950s. Picking pieces such as cabinets made of clean polished walnut, oak, and rosewood help reinforce the overall theme you’re going for.

Of course, finding the right pieces might take a bit of effort, or an authentic one could be out of your budget. However, you can always opt for modern replicas that capture the same charm of the original.

Dazzling Lights


One key feature of mid-19th century modern homes is the lights, and you’ll definitely see vivacious spectacles hanging from ceilings or on side tables in any home with this theme. The lights themselves can be considered sculptural art pieces and are a favorite project for online artists who make decorative home pieces for a living.

Vintage Bars


A bar for mixing drinks brings out all of the nostalgia of the 1950s. Complement it with vintage style glasses, well-known liquors, and a cocktail shaker. You’ll feel as if you’ve gone back in time with each and every sip.

Wall Mirrors


Mirrors are an underestimated piece of home décor. They have the power to add a feeling of airiness to any room of a home. In addition, mirrors can also make any space look bigger by seamlessly reflecting incoming light into a room, or highlight a backyard by placing the mirror opposite of the garden door.

Modern Kitchen


A mid-19th century modern kitchen should be representative of the desire to transition into the future. In order to achieve this look, your kitchen should have clean lines all throughout. Make sure to replace curved, ornate kitchen cabinets with plain, flat wood ones. In essence, keep your kitchen clean, simple, and clutter-free.

Go Back in Time

All in all, maybe you’ll get lucky and score a 1950s-style modern home in the housing market. While you’re looking, however, add that vibe to your own home to keep you preoccupied. Who knows, you might reconsider moving after all.

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