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Trouble Cleaning Out Your Closet?

5 Closet Organization Ideas To have a Clutter Free Closet

Written by Kathryn LaBarbera
white custom closet with mirrored cabinet doors

I have worked with many people helping them to organize their closets. When they run out of storage space for their clothes, they call for help. Some people ask how to clean out their clothes and get rid of items. They are either too attached to things for sentimental reasons, they think they will change their weight and keep clothes to fit into again or they just have a hard time parting with their clothes. Here are some tips that have helped many people clean out their closet:

picture of clothes on hangers

The Hanger Trick – Place all of the hangers on the rods backwards. Whenever you wear an article of clothing and wash it or bring it from the dry cleaner, place it back on a hanger and hang it with the hanger facing normally. After a period of time (a season change, 6 months, etc.) remove all of the clothes where the hanger is still backwards and give them away.

The Storage Strategy – Go through your closet and remove all articles of clothing that you have not worn in the last year. Place them in large garbage bags. Put a date a few months or a year into the future, and place the bags in the garage. If you miss an article of clothing, go through the bag(s) to find what you are looking for – but only get that one item. If you do not miss anything, give the bags away on the date that is on the bag.

Get Help From A Friend – Grab your favorite drink and your best friend and give them a fashion show. Let them give you a thumbs up or thumbs down on everything you try on. If you get a thumbs down, give that piece away.

Color Coordinate Everything – Determine how much you want to reduce your wardrobe. 10%? 20%? 25%? Organize all of your clothes according to color. Look at everything that is blue and choose those items that you love. Eliminate the percentage of clothes that you selected. For example, if you want to eliminate 25%, remove 1 out of every 4 blue shirts. Repeat with each color.

Organize By Type Of Clothing – Organize all of your clothes according to type: e.g. T-shirts, sweatshirts, work shirts, pants, etc.. Decide how many of that type you want. If you want to keep 8 sweatshirts, select your “Top 8” and store them in the closet. Everything left over should be donated.

organized clothing in a custom white closet

These are very effective ways to clean out your closet. Once you do this, your closet will feel light and be organized. You may notice that each morning starts out on a positive note which will have an effect on your entire day.

Get ideas to keep your closet permanently organized!