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The Trick to Organizing Linens in Your Closet System

Is it hard for you to find a towel from a mountain of linens that would fall over if you somehow disturbed them? Do you find it difficult to find matching sets of sheets on any given day? Are there so many different linens in your closet system that you don’t know what to do with them? Then maybe it’s time to do some reorganizing.

The following tips and methods for creating an organized linen closet are ones that everyone shouldn’t live without.


If there are linens that you use more so than others, then maybe it’s time you reconsider keeping the ones you don’t use. Finding the linens you need can become an easy task if you purge them until you’re left with the essentials.

It’s good to take inventory of everything you have so that you can get rid of worn-out/stained linens or incomplete sets of them. The best ways to purge them are donating them to an animal shelter or using them as cleaning rags for your house.

Designate Closet Space

ugly sweaters on shelves that should be tossed

Linens are delicate, so it’s important to take care of them in order to ensure long usage. Your go-to-area for linens should be the closet, but for those who lack space, should default to options like an armoire or an under-the-bed cabinet.

Of course, you won’t be using all of your linens at once, so you’ll want to preserve them for the coming seasons. An effective way to do so is to invest in large storage bags with zippers to prevent dust from reaching the fabric.

Sort by Room

woman holding stack of sweaters

This might be an overused phrase but it’s important to sort your linens into categories. One productive way of dividing your linens is sorting them by the room that they’ll be used in. For example, a linen closet should be separated into bedroom bedding, bathroom towels, guest room pillows, etc. For bedding, make sure to create sub-sections for the different seasons as well!


As for folding your linens, there are actually many ways to go about doing it, but we find that the following methods keep everything looking neat and tidy:


  1. Put the pillow cases and fitted sheet inside the top sheet
  2. From smallest to biggest, wrap all of the linens together with a nice fabric ribbon.
  3. Fold the flat and fitted sheets and put them inside the pillow cases.


  1. Keep your bath towels, wash clothes, and hand towels separate.
  2. Group each set of towels together.
  3. Fold the towels in thirds lengthwise then fold them one more time so they are rectangular.
  4. Roll your towels and neatly place them in a basket.

Maintaining Neatness in Your Closet System

Now that you’ve got your linens organized, it’s your responsibility to keep them that way. Luckily, there are a plethora of tools for you to use so that your linen collection stays clean and beautiful. For example, woven baskets give a look of modernity with a subtle hint of traditional décor. Don’t forget to label those baskets as well!

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