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Transformer Beds Turn into Walk-In Closets

Through the years, we’ve been getting better at living in smaller spaces, particularly in urban cities such as New York and San Francisco. Some methods we’ve resorted to get some extra space include Murphy beds, loft beds, convertible furniture – and now, the “transformer” bed.

Space is precious, and as the cost of small living spaces continues to grow every year, so does the creativity of designers dreaming up solutions. French bed manufacturer Parisot and Italian bed company Dielle managed to kick it up a notch and create something that truly combines form and function.

Dubbed by many as the “transformer” bed, Parisot’s bed features a full walk-in (that’s right, walk-in) closet underneath.

The bed also incorporates shelving units built into both sides of the bed. What’s more, these shelving units can be used as a sort of ladder to climb onto the bed.

The walk-in part of the bed can be accessed by opening a little door at the foot of the bed, lifting the mattress, and securing it on both ends.

What you’ll find is two full-sized drawers, six storage compartments, and two long shelves.

Dielle’s bed is a slicker version of Parisot’s masterpiece but also comes with its own unique features.

For instance, the stairs to climb onto the bed can be used as bedside tables. It can also be noted that each side of the bed has its own stairway.

However, these transformer beds do come with their own drawbacks. The first one is that they are taller than the average bed. The second (and quite significant) drawback is that if you are sharing the bed with your significant other, you will have to crawl under the bed to access your clothing without waking him or her up.

Nevertheless, this bed is an intriguing option for those looking for another space saving solution in today’s increasingly cramped society.

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