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Toys, Toys Everywhere!!

Written by: Kathryn LaBarbera –  Executive Vice President of Closet Factory

‘Tis the season if you have kids, it seems, like their toys multiply overnight. If you don’t watch out, the toys can overrun your house or at least your child’s room with things strewn everywhere. It is enough to give you nightmares! What is a parent to do? The answer is not to scream or to forbid toys as presents this year. Just relax and put a good plan together. Here are some tips to help.

  1. Sort the toys by category such as blocks, books, cars, dolls, etc.
  2. Store similar toys or toys with small pieces in small stackable plastic bins with lids
  3. Store larger toys or group of toys in larger baskets
  4. Label each bin or basket on the front to easily identify the toys stored in them
  5. Use a hammock to store stuffed animals in a corner of the room – it a is a cute way to keep them together without their bed looking like a zoo
  6. When the toys are separated, set up zones in the room – art zone, reading zone, etc and arrange the toys so they look inviting to your kids
  7. Give your kids a tour of their organized room, if they have suggestions of moving things around try to accommodate so they feel a part of the process
  8. Make cleaning up a part of playtime daily
  9. If there is still too much clutter, rotate toys so the toys that are out seem new and interesting at all times
  10. Regularly cull through the toys and get rid of anything broken, constantly ignored or things they have grown out of
  11. Relax with toy clutter – you have children who have active imaginations and are designed to play

It is a great idea to encourage your children to play with toys and read. Both stimulate their imagination and help them to learn. To make the kids happy, give them toys. To make the parents happy, teach the children to clean and stay organized. Imagine living together in harmony…..ahhhhh!!

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