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Tips For Designing A Home Office You Will Be Proud Of

Working at home is meant to be a different experience from the typical 9-to-5 job, yet many people still seem to work in a similar environment away from the traditional office. A personal home office is supposed to be, well, personal. It should be a place that gets you excited to be productive and represent you as a person.

Since a personal workspace is always a blank canvas for you to decorate, subtle additions can turn it into a space that feels like yours and keep it from becoming a cubicle or cramped space of the past. The following tips will assist you in molding your home office into something that you can be proud of, and productive in.

Remove unsightly tech

Functionality is important in a home office, but if it doesn’t look good, can you still say you’re proud of your office as a whole? If you have an electronic device like a printer that just isn’t pleasing to look at, do yourself a favor and remove it entirely. Shelling out extra dollars for aesthetically pleasing versions of your current devices will add to the overall beauty of your office. If your budget is a bit low, at least do yourself a favor and add tech that matches the overall décor of the space.

Add some photo frames

If you’re a parent, having a few photo frames with pictures of your children is a great reminder of why you work so hard to begin with and will provide you with motivation and encouragement to keep going. Photos of your pets work wonders if you’re single, and if you don’t have either, then a picture of a celebrity crush works too!

Let Mother Nature in

When work becomes a bit too much to handle, it’s always good to have some serenity in the office to calm you down. A roughly four-foot-tall plant (real or fake) or two in the corners of the room have the power to transform any depressing office space and make it lively. If you opt for a real plant, you’ll also have better quality air to breathe.

Be artistic

As previously mentioned, the beauty of a home office is being able to design it pretty much any way you want. Traditional offices skimp out on adding aesthetics like paintings and sculptures. When your creative juices aren’t pumping or you can’t seem to proceed to the next step in a project, looking at the art around you can jumpstart the next big thing.

Create ambiance through scent

Pleasing smells are proven to help lower stress and awaken one’s senses. Best of all, adding scents to the office creates an ambiance that actually makes you want to stay and do work. Take a moment to brainstorm all the smells that you enjoy and invest in the corresponding aroma products for your workspace.

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