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Three Great Health Benefits Of Being Organized

We are all products of our environment, so it stands to reason that our mental, emotional and physical health is affected by how we live. When our living space becomes cluttered and disorganized, our physical and emotional health becomes the same and we become less efficient and less energetic. Over time, a cluttered, disorganized environment makes us feel mentally and physically tired and causes stress and anxiety.

It becomes harder to do anything well and on time. Just looking at clutter can tire our brains since our eyes have so much information to process. This constant, low-grade stress can wear on us and subtly drain us of our energy, even contributing to chronic illnesses.

On the flip side, when we are in an environment that is organized and orderly, we operate efficiently and our physical, mental, and emotional energy flows more smoothly. By de-cluttering our lives physically, our mental health gains clarity, enabling us to focus on the bigger picture and accomplish goals. You may even make better decisions and choices about who you are and what you ultimately want in life.

Here are some key health benefits to being organized:

1. You have more time, energy and focus.

When you’re disorganized, you spend a lot of time looking for things and wasting time feeling confused and overwhelmed. But, once you organize your living spaces, you start to think more clearly and are able to focus on channeling your time and energy into being productive. You also have more mental energy since you no longer worry that you are forgetting things or fretting over not being able to find what you need.

2. Your stress is reduced.

Clutter and chaos can make us feel anxious and out of control, which leads to increased stress in our already stressful lives. However, in de-cluttering your life, you regain control of your life and feel better equipped to handle daily challenges. Your anxiety and stress levels lower, so you can rest more completely, work more efficiently and connect more deeply with the people in your life.

3. Your motivation increases.

Messy, unorganized surroundings are oppressive and can weigh a person down literally and figuratively. Clearing Clutter from your life will not only make your physical space lighter but it will make you mentally and emotionally lighter as well. You will be inspired to do more meaningful activities and perhaps take on new challenges or set new goals in your professional or personal life.

Being organized has many health benefits but these three are the big ones. Once you’ve conquered your clutter and organized your life, watch how your body, mind and spirit will transform positively and meaningfully.


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