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Ten Quick Closet Organizing Tips for the New Year: Part Two

Master Walk In Closet - by Portland Closet Factory

Master Walk In Closet – by Portland Closet Factory

If you’ve done the first five items on my list, your closet no doubt feels a bit bigger and lighter to you.  Some people panic when they see empty space. ‘What do I put here?’ they ask me.  “Nothing!’ I reply.  See the closet as light and enjoy it.  Over time new items will come and the space will be fill in organically.  And don’t be surprised if you miss that space! But for now let’s continue our quest to jumpstart the organizing process in this first month of the New Year.

  1. Your dresser works in concert with your closet.  Spend a quick 8 minutes one day to go through it to see what can be discarded or donated.  If you have deep drawers or if this is difficult for you emotionally do one drawer a day.
  2. When you are done whittling down the contents of your dresser ask yourself if there are any items that would be better served if they hung in your closet. By the same token are there any items that would free up space in your closet if they were folded and tucked into a drawer? Blue jeans are the perfect example.  I have clients who hang then on pants hangars using clips, clients who fold then over the bar of a hangar and still others who insist they must be folded in a drawer.  What works beat for you?
  3. Shoes are a source of pleasure and pain for most women.  Can you eliminate any from your collection?  It’s really helpful if you divide your collection by type and keep your categories in separate sections.  Those sky-high sexy pumps don’t want to be near your running shoes.  And your summer thongs don’t want to be associated with your slippers. Give everyone a section.

I like evening shoes stored in clear acrylic drawers on a shelf; exercise shoes in an over the door canvas holder along with your thongs and your every day shoes on a shoe rack with stacking shelves.  Bedroom slippers can be tucked underneath this unit.  After you sort your shoes do a count.  The number will dictate the best solution for you keeping in mind the reality of the literal closet space. If your collection is vast do one type a day and enjoy this process as much as you do owning and wearing all those shoes. Be sure and check for wear and tear.  Run down heels can make Louboutins look shoddy!

  1. Once the closet is down to your essentials spend 8 minutes a day dividing your clothing into sections.  You want slacks, tops, sweaters et al to have a designated area.  Otherwise your closet will always look like sale day at a department store.  I’d like to see you have a closet that feels like an elegant boutique. In addition to sorting by type once you’re accomplished that organize by color within the categories.  Getting dressed will be a snap and you’ll absolutely have that boutique visual.
  1. The average closet has one shelf and then a cavernous space up to the ceiling. If you aren’t handy ask a friend who is to install an extra shelf.  It will do wonders when it comes time to store away the season that has passed. All you need is a piece of lumber cut to measure and a brace on either side of the wall to support it.  You can leave the wood plain, paint it or cover it with a decorative contact paper.

There’s a hidden bonus in all this work. Once you have a lean, cleaned out and organized closet, you’re in the best position possible to work with a closet designer from The Closet Factory. You don’t want her to design a closet system that takes into consideration all those items you don’t really need or want, right? These simple steps get you ready to create something special. With a little organization you can dress to suit your mood, the demands of the day or your whim. Everything is more fun when order forms the foundation.

Regina Leeds
‘The Zen Organizer’

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Professional organizer since 1988

Author of 8 books including New York Times best seller “One Year to an Organized Life.”

Named ‘Best Organizer in L.A.’ by Los Angeles Magazine


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