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Sustainable Surprises

Here at Closet Factory, we promote sustainable practices and play our part to reduce our own imprint on the planet. All of our wood substrates (the under layer of the wood) are made from recycled material, and 50% of our other wood products are CPA EPP certified, meaning that they’ve undergone a rigorous test in regards to their carbon footprint. Our expert constructors cut materials as precisely as possible, ensuring minimal waste, and all castoff products are recycled, including office paper and plastic bottles. Closet Factory has participated in platinum level LEED programs, which refers to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. These are just some of the various ways we approach our business in an environmentally conscious manner.

We know, we know, we’re veritable saints. And now you’re wondering what you can do to play your part. Well, you are in luck, because we are here to tell you how to have a guilt-free holiday, particularly in terms of your gift-wrapping. Although we do fully comprehend the thrill of hearing the paper tear as you uncover your shrouded surprise, one moment of joy isn’t worth the environmental ramifications. The paper sits, masking a mysterious box, for sometimes only a few hours, before it is ripped off and discarded (hopefully recycled at least). Fortunately, there are myriad ways to wrap a gift these days, and we are strong proponents for alternatives to store-bought paper.

Fabric is a fabulous alternative to traditional paper, especially if you are giving a gift that will be opened in your presence. Fabric wrapping, also referred to Furushiki, has actually become a Japanese art. Grab a pillowcase, old apron, or even a duvet case to create a sustainable wrap that can be used year after year.

Newspaper or paper bags are also great options. There must have been a few times this year that you forgot your re-useable shopping bag and came home with a stock of Trader Joe’s sacks, so put them to good use right now. Turn them inside out and decorate them with paint or markers. Then, tie a ribbon around, perhaps twine if you want to stick with the naturalistic theme, and you’ve got yourself a fine looking gift. On that note, maps and old calendars also work as impromptu giftwrap. What better way to say goodbye to last year?

And if you absolutely must use wrapping paper, try a recycled roll. There are plenty stores, online and brick and mortar that sell recycled paper in hundreds of festive prints and patterns. No one will detect a difference and you can have a guilt-free holiday.

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