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Surefire Ways To Control Your Laundry Room Clutter

More often that not, a dedicated room for your washer and dryer becomes a place for storing other supplies such as gardening tools, pet food, etc.

In addition, since it’s not a room we use often, it’s no surprise that clutter magically begins to build once we shut the door. It’s time to take a stand and prevent this hocus pocus from ever happening. With a little effort and smart streamlining, you can take control of your laundry room clutter and even eliminate it entirely.

Believe it or not, start with the closet

Never would have thought, right? Taking control of your clutter first requires you to take control of your wardrobe. To put it into perspective, it’s pretty difficult to store your freshly washed clothes if your closets are a mess. Typically, this happens when there is a changing of seasons; not wearing thick sweaters in the summer, etc.

Needless to say, something needs to be done, whether it’s purging unwanted items or creating a designated space for your off-season wardrobe. A smart solution is investing in custom storage solutions such as wooden cabinets that take advantage of any free space you have in your home, and using them to store off-season clothing items. In-season items, of course, stay in your closet.

Take advantage of storage bins

Storage bins, both open and closed containers, will be your best friend as you work to remove unwanted mess and make your laundry room an organized heaven.

Invest in some open fabric boxes to store your multiple bottles of fabric softener and bleach, so that each bottle is easy to see. Also, look for closed bins to store your laundry tools such as fabric softener balls, stain removers, etc. Baskets can be incredibly helpful for placing lost or misplaced items like single socks, loose change, or keys so your family members can find them later.

Divide the laundry room itself

Your laundry room will feel like that productive workspace you’ve always wanted if you take the time to designate different areas for different tasks. With just a little creativity, the laundry room can become a mudroom or even a sewing area. By using containers for supply storage as well as visual color-coded dividers, you can keep certain things in specific parts of the room. Go a step further and create even more of a visual separation by painting the walls.

Use empty wall space

Your walls are part of your laundry room too, so it’s about time you started to utilize them. Vertical storage via shelves keeps things visible and in one area. For example, you can put freshly folded towels and t-shirts for your family to grab when free or essential laundry tools and sewing supplies for yourself. Another good idea is to install rods on walls for hanging shirts that are finished being ironed.

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