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Summer Organizing Chores

Ahhhh! There is a special feeling about summer. Kids are out of school. The warm weather invites trips to the beach or lake, barbeques and outdoor parties. Family vacations are highly anticipated. It is enough to make anyone feel lazy. However, there are some things that you can put on your list to get done this summer that will help long into the other seasons.

Schedule Routine Maintenance For Appliances

Appliances like the Dryer or HVAC work more efficiently with routine maintenance. Hoses from the washer should be checked to make sure they are still pliable and working properly. Schedule appointments now during the usually low demand season.

Clean Patio Furniture And Barbeque

Outside furniture and barbeques get the most use this time of year. Scrub them clean so they look like new. Not only will you appreciate their cleanliness but you will lengthen their life.

Clean Out The Garage

Did the garage get missed in your Spring Cleaning phase? Not to worry. Take a day to tackle the garage and get it organized.

Clean Gutters and Outside Drains

Get ready for the rainy season early. Clean gutters and drains can avoid potential problems in the later months of the year. It is also a good time to make any needed repairs.

Update The First Aid Kit

No one ever thinks about the First Aid Kit until it is needed. Take the time to replace any used or missing items, discard expired medicines and organize it so everything is easy to find. Hopefully you don’t need it, but you will have peace of mind that it is ready if needed.

Do A Once Over Outside

Check everything on the outside of the house. This would include siding, windows, decks, fences, the pool, retaining walls and anything else on the property. Make any necessary repairs before any problem gets too large.

Clean Windows

There is nothing better than having a clear view to the outside world. The other seasons of the year can leave grime on the outside of the windows. Make them sparkling clean and you will notice a difference in your own outlook on the world.

Make A List Of Additional Projects

Need to take the car in for repairs? Do you have to have the trees trimmed? Is there a leak that needs to be addressed? Make a list of additional projects that you have not done. Schedule them now so that they don’t pile up any longer.

Keeping up with chores during the summer will not only have you feel accomplished but can prevent small items from turning into major problems. Spending a little time between now and the end of September will allow for both chores and time for playing. Yes, you can have it all!

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By: Kathryn LaBarbera of Closet Factory Los Angles & Orange County

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