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Storage Solutions: Treat, Don’t Trick, Yourself to a Clutter Free Life

All Hallows’ Eve is just around the corner and it’s time to reach into the dark, dreary depths of your closet, set the demonic Halloween decorations free, and hang them high. Yes, the puns are intended, but the ensuing clutter after the festivities is not.

Once the neighborhood children have trick or treated the night away, those Halloween decorations have to come down to once again make room for the living and un-cursed. If you’re anything like the millions of people who go all out on Halloween, then you’ve probably accumulated so many decorations over the years that it’s becoming increasingly harder to store them. So, it’s not entirely surprising when you find yourself howling into the night air in frustration as the headless horseman’s headless body continues to keep the closet door from closing.

Organization is key during the holidays – yes, Halloween is a holiday, sort of – and if you keep throwing things into your closets, you’ll find yourself six-feet under a pile of decorations quicker than you can say trick or treat.

Here are three terrifyingly simple tips for keeping your life clutter free this Halloween and beyond mu hu ha ha ha.

1 – Gruesome groups: When it’s time to take down your decorations, make your undead life easy by grouping everything into specific categories. Ghouls haunt with ghosts, vampires prey with werewolves and zombies, well, zombies should probably be left in their own group.

2 – Supernatural storage: Once you’ve got everything into gruesome groups, start organizing everything into storage bins. A storage bin not only keeps your devilish decorations safe, but the bins ensure that nothing – including the headless horseman’s headless body – falls out to prevent your closet door from closing.

3 – Rotate the repulsive: With everything in supernatural storage bins, you’re now able to stack everything neatly into your casket closet with ease. But, you’re not out of the wicked woods yet. Make sure you rotate your decorations. So, if you’re about to celebrate winter’s holiday season, be sure to bring those ornaments to the front, and place the Halloween decorations behind them. Eerily easy, right?

It doesn’t matter if you have enough decorations to fill a room or an entire house because these storage solutions will help keep everything organized once the festivities are finished. After all, when you’re not trying to scare the underpants off your neighbors, your closets shouldn’t strike fear into your friends and family.

From your friends at the Crypt Closet Factory, we wish you a very safe and happy Halloween.

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