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Six Instagram Feeds You Need to Follow

Instagram is a mighty force. If you’re looking for workout inspiration or simply deciding where to go for dinner, you can confidently turn to your insta-feed to dictate your next move. An endless stream of sunsets, OOTD’s, and #selfies, we’ve rounded up a diverse collection of home inspired accounts to meet all your interior design needs. So take a look below to see whom we consider the most likeable home-décor experts.


1 – Closet Factory

Still an insta-baby yet, we recently rebooted our account with higher quality images for your double-tapping pleasure. On our Instagram feed you will find beautiful images of perfectly constructed interiors with organizational schemes to die for. For all those closet-obsessed neat freaks, relentless shoe-collectors, and non-stop crafters, this feed is for you.

Instagram Closet Factory


2 – Designlovefest

From cute kittens to fabulous home decor to closet organization, Bri Emery covers it all on her instagram. With ample doses of flowers and pink, her perfectly girly touch adds interest to her curated photo collection.



3 – Homestead Seattle

Not only is this account chock-full of rustic design charm (repurposed, wood dressers and antique hardware anyone?), Homestead Seattle is a home goods shop, so most of what you see on the gram is for sale. You can thank us later.



4 – Kristin Grove

Mother of two and sought-after interior decorator, Grove’s instagram is filled with beautiful bits of home design. If you are in the holiday spirit, festive snaps are in abundant supply, with snow-covered trees and pretty fireplaces cozying up with images of her design work and favorite items for the home.



5 – Becky Barnfather

Barnfather, also known by her online moniker “Organizing Made Fun”, really does bring pleasure into the art of organization. Consistently posting tips and tricks to get you through your day (keep a Lazy Susan in your cupboard to organize spices), her images are many times as aesthetically pleasing as they are inspiring.




The ultimate authority on celebrity takes their expertise to the home in this expertly curated feed. DIY’s, floral arrangements, and pastel ceramic-ware sprinkle their account, where interiors from around the world are strikingly displayed. The perfect place to head for holiday decorating or home renovation inspiration, you get the added bonus of landscape pics and mouth-watering snacks.