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The Rising Popularity of Boutique Closets

We’ve previously touched on how large closets have been growing in popularity. This time, we’ll be taking a look at how homebuyers are increasingly starting to utilize empty space to make their walk-in closets more functional. In other words, boutiques are in.

large white walk-in closet

The demand for better closet systems has seen an increase in communication between home builders and closet designers. Closet designers are collaborating with home builders to incorporate more functional options in closets such as center islands or chaise lounges. This is mainly because the closet is becoming a place where people wouldn’t mind spending more time in. As a result, builders are leaving the empty spaces open for creativity to add a multitude of organizing systems that are custom made for the homebuyer.

woman in closet holding shoes

With more and more space being used, the number of requests for additional functions has increased as well. We’ve already mentioned how homebuyers desire sitting areas, center islands, and dedicated folding and ironing spots, but these same people are also requesting racks for belts and ties, pull out jewelry shelves, and slanted shelves for shoe storage. All of this reflects the growing trend to make closets more functional and feel more like a boutique. If you’re going to spend time in there, the idea is you exit the room feeling better about what you’re wearing, and ultimately, yourself.

On top of function, many are just as fixated on adding form. It all comes down to the fact that the purchase of a new home is a lifetime investment. Of course, they’d want their investment to look its best. Homebuyers are adding embellishments such as decorated glass doors, onlays, and moldings to their closets for a more boutique feel. In addition, LED lights are the go-to option for that star-studded, glamorous feel.

room converted into a closet

Photo: Ignez Simoes, Closet Factory – Senior Designer

It’s safe to say that this trend won’t be dying down any time soon. People enjoy feeling good about themselves, and a functional boutique closet helps them do just that.

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