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Preparing For Spring Cleaning – Part Two

Here are the last 5 tips from my two part Preparing For Spring Cleaning series!

  1. Clean out Your Garage

    – Spring leads to Summer and that is when everyone in the family will be spending more time outside. Organize the one part of the house that stores all of the outside items – The Garage! Take everything out of the garage, sweep the floor and wash it down with a hose. As you put everything back in, organize it so like items are grouped together, e.g. bikes, sporting equipment, lawn care tools.

  2. Elements of Decoration

    – Once you have cleaned a room, take stock of how it is decorated. Many times people keep knick knacks, frames, vases and pieces of art in the same place. Try moving things around into different positions. This will change the visual appearance of your space. If you are feeling very bold, consider changing the color of paint on your walls. Paint can change the character of any room and breathe life into it.

  3. Out With The Old; In With The New

    – Tax time is in the Spring. Once you tackle getting your taxes done, clean your home office. File all of the papers away. If there is anything you do not need, discard it. Get organized for this year. Make a place to put receipts and important papers for this year. Now that the space is clear you will be motivated to keep it that way.

  4. Lighten Up The Menu

    – Spring brings all kind of new fruits and vegetables to the table. Visit a local farmer’s market to choose from the latest selection each week. Pick a variety of vegetables with strong color and try new recipes. If it is warm enough, start the barbeque and grill them for a different taste that you have not had all winter. Pick fruit in season such as apricots, cherries and strawberries and make a healthy dessert. Natural foods are not only colorful but will make you feel lighter.

  5. Bring Color Inside

    – Spring is all about bright, fresh colors. Have bouquets of flowers around on tables and counters to bring the feeling of Spring indoors. Colors have an effect on people’s moods and it will lift the spirits of the people that live in home and those who come to visit.

Now this is quite a list! Instead of feeling overwhelmed with so much to do, pick the one that resonates the most and start there. Once you finish that item, choose another one. When you complete one project, you will feel lighter and motivated to do more. Before you know it, your house will feel fresh and new.

By: Kathryn LaBarbera of author of Preparing For Spring Cleaning – Part One and Executive Vice President of Closet Factory Los Angeles.

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