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The Most Personalized Gift This Valentine’s Day: A Closet Just For Me (Or Us, I Guess)

Last Valentine’s Day you gave me jewelry, and it was beautiful. The year before that you surprised me with chocolates, flowers, and breakfast in bed. What a treat!

I happened to stumble across your Internet search history, and I noticed things like “unique valentine gift ideas” and “personal spa packages,” but honey, I’m here to tell you: the most personalized gift you could give me this year is a closet designed just for me!

I Get To Design The Layout

A well lit walk-in closet with plenty of hanging space and shelves

You know how I’m always complaining about my stacks of shirts falling over when I’m trying to get to the one at the bottom? I can design my custom closet with cubbies to replace that one big shelf that’s causing us all this stress in the morning.

A white walk-in with a countertop

Or, since you know how I love feeling like everything’s been put away in its rightful place, I can design my closet with a combination of drawers and cabinets. They’re perfect for heavier and out of season items.

I Get To Showcase My Favorite Things

A jewelry drawer

I already told you how much I love all of the jewelry you’ve gotten me over the years, so it’s a travesty that it ends up tangled in my too-small jewelry box. That’s why I’ll design my closet with a jewelry drawer!

A jewelry cabinet under a countertop

Did you know these jewelry drawers come with velvet lining, two-tiers that slide, and the compartments are even customized around each individual piece of my collection!?

A shoe closet with some hanging space up above

And shoes – I need a place to worship my shoes! A dedicated wall with slanted shoe shelves is the perfect way to celebrate my favorite things in the world (besides you, of course).

I Get To Choose The Style

A purple closet with green items hanging within

I’m still debating whether I should have the new closet match the rest of the home, or if I want it to standout on its own and just go crazy with a brightly colored melamine or wood veneer. What do you think?

A mostly empty white closet with an island

By now, you should be well aware of my obsession with Pinterest, so maybe we could sit together and take a look at some style ideas. My personal favorites so far are the Mid-Century Modern look, or maybe Shaker-style.

A shot from outside a walk-in closet

Or we could make up our own style by mixing and matching elements we like. Working with a custom company like Closet Factory means we can literally design whatever we imagine!

I Get To Add Unique Details

A set of mirrored doors

Crown molding, raised-panel drawer faces, mirrored-cabinet doors, oil-rubbed bronze closet rods, LEDs – the possibilities are endless!

A walk-in closet with numerous shoe racks and hanging space

Remember the sewing machine that I inherited from my great-grandmother, but had no idea what to do with? I can even incorporate that into my closet design! From heirlooms and rope trim, to fluted columns and medallions on cabinet doors, the details I pick mean my closet will truly be one-of-a-kind (and the envy of all my friends).

I Get To Save Time

Having an organized closet is going to save me so much time getting dressed in the morning, it’s ridiculous! No more rummaging around looking for that one particular shirt, or struggling to match pairs of shoes. Once I can actually see everything in my closet, I’ll be able to find whatever it is I’m looking for. That means more time that we get to spend together, my love.

A young couple walking down the street

Thank you for being in my life, for being my Valentine, and for giving me the gift of a beautifully organized closet!


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