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2014 Wardrobe Closet Design Trends: Closet Curation

Want a sneak peek at next year’s exciting trends for walk-in wardrobe design?

Closet Curation2_Closet Factory

One of the biggest movements in wardrobe management is closet curation—a deliberate rejection of excess as it pertains to the wardrobe. As a part of that trend, the walk-in closet or reach-in closet becomes less like a storage unit, often crammed full and visually hectic. Instead, hand selected clothing, accessories and shoes actually become part of the closet’s aesthetic whole.

More than just a fancy way of saying “I need to get rid of my junk,” curation in its highest form is a consciousness of how and why we wear the clothes we have. Usually, it involves taking steps to distill our wardrobe down to only the best-loved and highest value pieces.

“The new luxury is now to be able to live and thrive with a small, pleasurable wardrobe,” states, a popular fashion news and trends site.

Closet Curation1_Closet Factory

Curation stems from an increasing rejection of over-indulgence brought about in part by easy access to inexpensive throwaway fashion. Almost anyone can buy multiple cheap T-shirts; but it takes a discerning eye and discriminating taste to stick with a minimalist collection of shirts, pants, dresses and shoes.

Closet curation isn’t as easy as it sounds; it takes practice and patience to get in the habit of buying less, and more strategically. Having a closet system takes much of the effort out of curation because it is designed around the wardrobe’s dimensions, to keep clothing visible and neat. The reward is a closet in which everything is complementary, nothing is wasted and order prevails.

Our free guide, Walk-in Closet Design Trends for 2014 is here! Download it now.

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