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Organizing Thanksgiving Dinner

Written by: Kathryn LaBarbera –  Executive Vice President of Closet Factory

Does the mere thought of you cooking this year make you nervous? Never fear there are some things you can do to make Thanksgiving a day where even you, the chef, will enjoy yourself. The key is preparing as much as you can ahead of time so that the day goes smoothly.  Use the following tips to help you in having a stress free Turkey Day.

1. Decorations – Start planning the decorations now. Of course, your table will be the focal point of the day. Get the linens ready ahead of time. If you are using the “good dishes”, prep them the weekend before by washing them and having them ready to go.

2. Plan The Menu – Thanksgiving is all about the food. Many families have traditional dishes that are “must haves”. However, you can mix it up by keeping some of the favorites but exchange one or two dishes for something new. Research some recipes on the internet. Look for dishes that can be prepared a day or two before to lessen the frenzy on the actual day.

3. Make A Time Sheet For Cooking – Map out the day for when certain things need to get done. It will be your guide for what needs to go in the oven or be put on the stove and when. This will help keep dinner on time and you from feeling frantic. It may even alter the menu if you only have restrictions such as one oven.

4. Clean The House – There is nothing more stressful than a dirty or cluttered house when you are entertaining. Plan in advance. Clean the house especially the communal areas the weekend before the big day. If you have too much going on, consider hiring a cleaning service to come in a day or two before Thanksgiving so that you can focus on other tasks.

5. Prepare The Table – Set the table the night before Thanksgiving. This will not only have one less thing for you to do on Thursday, but it will put you in the holiday spirit. You may even get excited.

6. Make It A Family Affair – Get other people to help with the things to do. Make a list of items that need to be done and either get them to choose what they want to do or assign the tasks. Then work together as a team. Not only will this lessen your load, but it can be a great bonding experience, create great memories and be a lot of fun.

7. Play Music – As you are working, play music that makes you happy. Whether it is holiday tunes or your favorite group, turn up the sound and dance or sing along.

8. Have Fun – Remember that this is a holiday. Enjoy yourself! Everything may not flow smoothly or it may be a frantic rush to get everything on the table at the end, but it is a day to celebrate your friends and family and be thankful for all that you have.

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