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Organizing The Kitchen For Kids

When my son was a baby, old enough to sit up on his own, we moved everything out of a lower cabinet and filled it with his plastic dishes and storage containers. When we worked in the kitchen, preparing meals, we’d sit him on the floor with “his” cabinet door ajar and encourage him to pull everything out and play with the containers. This kept him occupied and allowed us to cook.

Years have passed and he recently turned seven. Having mastered shoe-tying and swimming, we decided he was ready to move on to food preparation. We started with cereal. My husband ordered a couple of plastic containers, one intended for milk and one for cereal. The idea was that smaller amounts of ingredients in a container would be less prone to spillage.

We moved the kid-friendly cereal bowls down lower.
Not only does he get his own cereal now, he takes pride in it. He gets it for his 4-year old sister, too.
Have you rearranged your kitchen to accommodate the ages and stages of your children?

By Whitney Moss, co-founder of, a blog dedicated to making the first years of motherhood more fun.

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