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Organizer Systems: Parse that Purse

Some people carry too much baggage; other people carry too much hand baggage. If the latter describes you, National Organization Week’s the perfect time to finally do a purse purge. Expel all those jumbled, used-up lipsticks, rumpled Kleenexes, and the long moribund remains of that finely granulated PTA reception cookie.

Your purse, a constant carryall companion, travels everywhere with you – almost like a co-dependent best friend.

So, as with a fractured close friendship, assess what happened. Did you take your purse for granted? When did it morph from a useful tote to a portable trashcan? Is your handbag an efficient aide or a troublesome time consumer?

Don’t worry, you’ll get back on track, but that means weeding out what’s weighing you down, and here’s how.

1 – Use a timer: purse catharsis feels great once you get to the end of it. For some, the very thought of wrestling a chaotic purse’s great unknown daunts to the point of paralysis. Setting a timer to 15-minute increments for example, breaks the task down into manageable chunks.

2 – Purge: throw out anything that’s cracked, used-up, or so mangled that you don’t even know what it is anymore. Do you hoard cough drops? They’re perfect for scratchy-throat moments, but you’ll never use smashed, melted drops festering inside half-peeled, gummy paper. Let them go onto their next life – the trashcan.

3 – Put back what doesn’t belong: that roll of double-sided tape was great when you needed to patch together some impromptu giftwrap for Carlos’ birthday party. He’s been 35 for five months now, though. It’s time to return that purse-cluttering tape to its rightful home – your desk.

Once you’ve completely cleared out your purse, only put back the bare essentials, and in order to prevent another parsing of the same purse, try creating compartments or divisions for important elements. For example, instead of scattering cough drops throughout your handbag, confine them to one closed zip pocket where they’ll stay clean and easily accessible.

There, doesn’t that feel better? Now let’s look around your closet. It’s resembles a huge, standing purse when you think about it.

Did this once organized closet atrophy into a purse graveyard? If your closet systems are stuffed full of useless, long-defunct handbags, it’s time to rehome those to your best friends, the Goodwill, or Salvation Army. While you’re at it, weed out scuffed, dormant shoes, never-worn belts, and other pointless, taking-up-space accessories.

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