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A Not-So-Subtle Hint That I Want A New Closet This Holiday!

To Whom It May Concern:

I love all the gifts you’ve given me over the holidays we’ve been together, from the last minute card you handmade out of construction paper to the box of imported chocolate covered cherries. Right now, you’re probably struggling to think of a way to top the surprise you gave me last year, so I’ve decided to share this article with you to make things a little easier….

This year, I want a new closet!

You know those spare rooms that are going to waste?


Ever since Timmy and Tammy left for college, their rooms have been sad reminders of all the good times we used to have when they were babies. Wouldn’t it be great if we turned one of the rooms into something AMAZING like a closet?! Or better yet – a shoeseum!


I still have all of the shoes, handbags, and jewelry you’ve given me over the years, but it’d be really great if I could display all of them in a way that celebrates our love. (Have I mentioned that I love you yet?)

new closet

Even better, we can split the spare rooms. I’ll have my new closet and you can have your home office, or gym, or ‘man cave’, whatever! If we work with a custom company, we can transform the spaces into anything we want.

It’s not just a closet for me – it’s for US!


Did you know that a functional, clean closet would help us get more for the house if/when we decide to sell it one day? Then we can pursue our dream of sailing around the world! So really, this year’s gift for me is a long-term investment for US.

A relaxed me = a happy you


After years of juggling career and family life, I just want to relax a little bit with my favorite person in the world (that’s you!). Having an organized closet and knowing exactly where everything is means less time frantically searching for that blouse or matching shoe, and more time enjoying life together. We deserve it!

I want to brag to the neighbors, don’t you?


I’m tired of hearing Mrs. Smith talk about her new craft room, and I know you get jealous every time Mr. Smith mentions his new garage. Let’s design a space worth bragging about – preferably a new closet with ‘His & Hers’ sections. That way, I’ll have room to organize my wardrobe and you’ll have room to iron your shirts before work every morning (courtesy of a pull-out ironing board, of course).


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