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A Not-So-Subtle Hint I Want A Closet For Mother’s Day


I secretly look forward to this day every year!

Really, I love all the presents you’ve given me over the years, from the multitude of construction paper cards to the chocolate bon-bons with the cream filling inside. Of course, you’re probably thinking hard about how you’re going to top the surprise you gave me last year. However, I’m going to make it a little easy for you and let you know that I would really like a way to store my wardrobe better.

Yes, I think a custom closet would do the trick nicely as a gift from my kids.

I have a spare room that needs a little something…

an empty top story room. A window looks out onto evergreens.

Ever since you left the nest, your room’s been a sad reminder of all the good times we used to have. Wouldn’t it be great if we can turn it into something great like a closet?

designing with pastels

I still have all of the bags, shoes, and blouses you’ve bought me ever since you’ve started living on your own, and it’d be really great if I could display all of them if you’re really not coming back. After all, wasting space is a big no-no, right?

Once I want to leave this nest myself…

A white closet unit installed in a bedroom closet

Did you know a custom closet will help get me more for selling the house later on? Apparently, people who come to look at the house get excited if they see an amazing looking closet. It is a rarity.

I can just relax

A woman lays prone on a white couch. Her head is on a gold pillow and she is smiling

After years of doing “Mom” stuff, I just want to do less around the house.

A brown wood men's closet

A custom closet gives me a piece of mind knowing that I don’t have to organize my wardrobe as often, since I’ll know exactly where everything is.

It doesn’t even have to be a closet

A white pantry

For me, it doesn’t even have to be a closet – any custom storage would be a blessing! If I had a custom pantry for example, I’d keep all of my spices and sauces organized. We could have dinner parties where I don’t look crazy running around for ingredients! Also, my kitchen would just be better.

I heard Closet Factory is good at doing this sort of thing! Why not sign me up for a free design consultation and check out what they have? (wink wink)

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