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Nautical Home Decor Ideas for Sea Captains at Heart

Miss the smell of the ocean, the feeling of the sand between your toes and the sound of waves gently washing ashore? Then transform your living space into a seafaring escape courtesy of these nautical home decor ideas.

Use the Blues

A daybed with blue and white stripes. There is a matching corner cabinet and a model ship on the wall

Blue helps set the tone for the rest of the space. Most homes utilize the color with decorative items like throw pillows, lampshades or furniture upholstery. When combined with the right home decor, blue encapsulates the spirit of the ocean.


A set of three portholes on a wooden surface

A bold design choice is to install porthole windows, for a truly nautical experience. If dealing with a room with only shared walls, a round, porthole-like mirror can achieve the same nautical effect.

Touches of Shore

A white room with a white bench, decorated with shutters painted blue

One of the keys to maintaining nautical home décor throughout the home is to incorporate decorative, sandy-colored items. Tables and lamps shades are the easiest way to evoke that beach vibe, and compliment the presence of blue and white. You can also add decorative items such as glass vases and driftwood art to help round out an ocean-inspired room.

Displaying Your Nautical Home Decor

nautical home decor

Perhaps your home already features some elements of a nautical theme, like white walls and moldings. While more modern home designs can present some challenges, in the end, any space can be whisked away to sea with a custom wall unit that displays your nautical home decor with the same passion you had to collect it. With shelves and compartments that are specifically designed around each piece of your collection, it’s up to YOU to decide how much of the tide you let roll in.

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