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Moving Is An Opportunity To Get Organized

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Custom Walk-In Closet – by Allentown, PA

I recently went through an experience which many people know and hate: I moved.  I have to say it was a real education for me as I haven’t done it in years.  Going through the process helped me to understand more thoroughly what my clients were experiencing when they called me in to help them get organized by designing their storage spaces. Why? Because I was my own client.

Moving can be overwhelming but having a plan ahead of the move really helped the process. Since I knew the size of the space I was moving into, I had the closets designed and installed prior to my move. It really gave me time to pack things according to where they would be stored and to eliminate some items that I really didn’t want to move with me. I now know exactly what I have accumulated.  I have discovered clothes and ‘stuff’ that I didn’t know I had.

What I did realize is that I relied heavily on my expertise. Since I work with clients every day on organization, it was easy to create a good moving and organizing plan. However, without my knowledge it would have been really, really challenging. Now I know why clients always thank me when I have helped them design their closets before they moved. It made moving a whole lot easier!

Now that I have moved and have my closets in my new home, the entire household is organized with a logical plan. I have created storage for everything, in the place where I will be using it. I have to say, I am loving it! I also love having flexibility so I can re-arrange as I get settled.

I always tell my clients that getting organized is a huge time saver. Once you have a system in place, which allows you to find the items you need (whether it be clothes, shoes, office materials and everything), you can avoid the unnecessary stress of trying to locate that one item which you find yourself urgently needing when you are already rushed. I always look for ways to simplify, both for myself and my clients. If you haven’t tried it, maybe it’s time!

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