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If you want to experience the pleasure of “gets better with age,” you’ll need a proper way to store your vino.

Storing wine comes down to three key factors: humidity, light, and temperature.

Humidity is important because of cork, as cork tends to dry out when the area isn’t humid enough. Conversely, mold can form if it is too humid.

Too much light is also bad for wines, especially sparkling wines. You’ll want to keep your wine away from light as much as possible — the more you keep them in the dark, the longer they last.

It’s safe to say that temperature is a major factor when deciding on wine storage solutions. However, those who live in areas where the climate changes drastically, controlling temperature year round can be quite an issue. The most ideal way to preserve your wine is storing them in a cellar or wine storage with temperature control.

Realistically, not everyone will have access to such an environment. So what do you do? The alternative method is to find a place in your home that maintains a consistent temperature all year long. There’s a good chance that the kitchen or den won’t be on your list, as these areas experience the most temperature change.

The best way to store your wine is with a custom wine storage cabinet. A wine storage cabinet built near the center of your home will be the best method of replicating a room with temperature and humidity control. Ideally, you want to keep the temperature between 50 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit and avoid going over, as wine loses its color and taste as it gets hotter.

In addition, storing wine in wine cabinets and racks can do wonders when it comes to sorting your preferred. For instance, you can keep wine bottles you plan to drink on a rack and wines you plan to drink years later in cabinets with overhead protection give them some shade. Not to mention, you’ll easily know be able to tell which is which during a relaxing evening with friends or family.

Most people drink their wine shortly after purchase, so these bits and pieces of information might not apply to them. However, you have any interest in wine or are a wine connoisseur, it’d be hard not consider these options.

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