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Maxi Dress Trend: Organized In Your Closet System!

We recently conducted a poll on our Closet Factory Facebook Page asking, “What’s your favorite ‘go to’ item in your closet right now?”

And guess what? The #1 response from our fashionable fans: They love the new maxi dresses trend!

Guess what else? These trendy new garments are now available at many fashion forward retailers including Neman Marcus and Forever 21.

So why are we sharing this with you? We’re going to discuss how to hang and organize your maxi dresses in your custom closet organizer system.

Coming from a fashion background, I still love to stay abreast of current style trends through blogs and other fashion magazines. There is no doubt that the maxi dress craze is one of hottest trends out there.  Options are available in strapless, halter, or even sleeveless.

Depending on the fabric content, and the print, these dresses can easily be dressed up or dressed down. In terms of fashion design, the maxi dress 2011 has a lot of different designs ranging from plaid, stripes, floral patterns, animal print, and many more that can be your choice as a fashion trend spring and summer in 2011. There are casual cotton jersey fabrications that are great for a causal day or you can dress it up with statement jewelry for a more formal look.

As much as I love my long dresses sometimes hanging them in a closet can be tricky.

Maxi dresses are floor length and often come with shoulder straps or hanging straps. I recommend using velvet hangers when storing them in your closet. Velvet hangers keep the straps in place on the hanger and the dress off the floor.

For strapless maxi numbers you should consider hanging them with pant hangers that you can clip to the top of the dress or “tube part” of the dress. Another option for dresses that do not have hanging straps is to fold the dress in half and hang them using pant hanger.  However I do not suggest this for easily wrinkled fabrics like linen.

This is how I organize the maxi dresses in my closet: First, I separate them by casual/formal, then by hanging method, then finally by color.

Dress Style: It’s best to keep casual and formal dresses separated so you can “grab and go” the causal maxi dress and not the formal dress you have of the same color that you invested hundreds of dollars in.

Strap Style: I always group my dresses with strapless first, followed by halter dresses, then by thickness of strap; such as from spaghetti strap to tank top straps.

Color: I prefer to keep like colors together, even if it is one of the now popular floral prints. If the overtone of the dress is blue, then I group them with the blue solids. Some people do go a step further and prefer to keep prints together. The decision is entirely yours.


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