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Looking Ahead at Closet Design Trends for 2012

Python style leather

Leather Snake Python

ostrich type leather

Taupe Ostrich

Earlier this year I shared with you what we predicted would be the most popular closet design trends for 2011.  As the end of the year approaches it’s clear that Modern remains in the forefront of the style trends for custom closets. However, in 2012 modern will take on an ultramodern twist with the addition of high gloss finishes and mixed medium accents.

Mixed medium accents are enhanced with an assortment of textures.  These days there is such a rich assortment to select from that I think I will cut to the chase and ask our resident design pro Kay Wade, V.P. of Design for her opinion of what’s hot.  Here’s what Kay had to say:

Textures will continue to be in high demand. The newest textures and patterns I am introducing to Closet Factory’s lines will be a soft ostrich and a bold snakeskin.  Of course faux animal prints will also be featured heavily this coming year. Animal prints never really go out of style. When they are properly used, as an accent, they add chicness to a room or in our case a closet. Another trend that I am already seeing emerge is “cool” glossy white and black alligator faces. It’s dramatic and very powerful. The white and black textured alligator provides a fantastic punch to our solid classic colors and is very affordable.  I also see for closets the continuation of our faux leather accents for door and drawer fronts, such as the pebble texture in black, and the brown, but in addition to closets I see it extending into other areas of the home like home offices, entertainment centers and wall units.

Zebrano type leather

Italian Zebrano

OK there we have it. Kay’s thoughts about the new looks in closet design for 2012. Not mentioned is the use of steel and brushed chrome hardware in closet design. It blends well with textured materials and will continue to be the preferred hardware finish. As Kay already mentioned, melamine textured patterns will be big this year. They just keep improving and have become much more realistic or life like. As 2012 progresses I believe you will see more textured melamine selection added to our lines because it not only looks great but it’s affordable.

Visit Closet Factory’s “Expressions” section for the choice of styles, colors, products, layers, and organizational functionality to suit your custom closet needs. Browse our project gallery for some inspiring ideas.

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