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Kids Closet Storage – Organizing Legos

Organizing closets for kids stuff can be really fun. First, the mom calls me in to show me the “disaster” or toys everywhere on the floor. She tells me how hard it is to keep her kids’ rooms neat and is pleading for help. That is where I can be a great help.

The start of the project is to look at what each child needs in the room so that they can be organized. As long as the clothes are accommodated in the closet, I like to give children lots of shelves. This of course goes hand in hand with planning that someday Susie and Danny will no longer be 8 and 6 years old but teenagers with different closet needs.

However, until then it is getting them organized now. One of the biggest complaints that I have run across about clutter is Legos. Kids love them – they love building them, creating new structures, following instructions to build a specific model and using their imagination. It’s the parents that hate them – the small pieces, stepping on them when they are on the floor and the mess. How do you keep the peace between parents and Lego-loving kids?

It depends. Here are some different methods you can use to keep harmony in the family:

  • If you have young kids, sort Legos by color. Have a bin for each different color. This actually helps them in different ways. Not only does it help them identify the colors on the spectrum but they can also work on sorting and creating good cleaning habits.
  • If you have very imaginative children, sort by size of the pieces. This is great for kids that love to build their own buildings and structures without following a picture. Their imagination is the director of their piece.
  • Some kids like to build structures from a set, tear them apart and build the same structure again. This is great for kids that have certain sets they love. Keep each set in a container so the pieces are not intermixed with other sets.
  • For kids that have an enormous amount of Legos, sort them by shape/category. Many kids who like details will prefer this method.
  • The last method is to keep all of them in a large box together no matter what color, size, shape or set they come from. It may look disorganized but clean up is the easiest with this method.

Once you determine the method you want to adopt, buy some clear plastic shoe boxes and start sorting. No matter which one you land on, one of these methods of keeping Legos will keep peace in the house.

By Kathryn LaBarbera or Closet Factory Los Angeles

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